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Established in 1993, ZANN specializes in business diversity and inclusion strategies. Our clients rely on us to differentiate their small business programs, enhance their competitiveness, and contribute to profitability. We do this through the following complementary services:

Supplier Diversity Strategies

Create a comprehensive business diversity and inclusion strategy to make an measurable impact in the community you serve.

Workforce Development Programs

ZANN collaborates with workforce partners, residents, academic institutions and local employers to build and execute robust workforce development programs.


D/S/M/WBE/ACDBE Program Development and Management

We work throughout the nation to differentiate small business programs, enhance competitiveness, and contribute to profitability.

Public Outreach Strategies

Chances are, your capital project requires public outreach – add an expert on the team, and don’t take chances!

Disparity Studies

We provide recommendations and strategic advice to improve and enhance Agency Small Business Programs. Look to ZANN management consulting for clear, concise recommendations. 

Look to ZANN

At ZANN we believe well-designed business diversity and inclusion strategies, aligned with organizational objectives and supported throughout the organization, are business drivers that ensure your programs are strategic and effective. To meet that goal, we’ll work closely with your team to create and implement in-depth, comprehensive, highly strategic programs that are truly effective.

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ZANN in American DBE Magazine

“If you ask an experienced DBE Program administrator what it takes to be successful in managing a program that creates meaningful business opportunities for DBEs, meets the program’s goals, and moves the needle toward leveling the playing field for disadvantaged firms, they will quickly mention that it takes a number of resources and skills to get the job done.”

ZANN Receives the WTS Colorado Diversity Leadership Award

ZANN is proud to see Suzanne Arkle honored at the WTS Colorado 2018 Annual Awards as a recipient of its Diversity Leadership Award. “With anything, diversity and inclusion doesn’t happen by itself, it must be intentional and executed with courage by leadership.” 

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